Pharmaceutical Equipments

HUADA Pharma pharmaceutical equipments comply fully with current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and CE guidelines.

HUADA Pharma Equipments

Backed by our 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical engineering solutions, we design, manufacture and supply high quality pharmaceutical process and packaging equipment to the industry worldwide.

Our products comply fully with current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and CE guidelines.

Raw Processing Machine

Raw Material Processing Equipment is used for the initial processing of powders and granules, including Powder Mixing Machine, Powder Grinder Machine, Oscillating Granulator Machine, Powder Sifter Machine etc.

Liquid Filling Machine

Innovative and Versatile Packaging

Tablet Press Machine

Tablet Presses from HUADA Pharma are based upon a proven design . This is due to its robust construction and durability, having a maximum compression force of 100kN and fitted with pre-compression and a rotary force feeder. 

Capsule Filling Machine

capsule filling machines are ergonomically designed and of quality construction built to cGMP standards. And combine modern capsule filling technology with mechanical simplicity and robustness giving a durable and reliable machine.

Softgel System

The HUADA Pharma softgel production system is a space saving, stand alone, all-in-one softgel encapsulation system capable of full production duties.

Multi-channel Pill Counting Line

The HUADA Pharma bottle filling machines are multi-channel automatic counter designed to automatically count and fill tablets/capsules in to plastic as well as glass bottles/containers/jars.

Gummy Manufacturing Machine

Vacuum micro-film sugar boiling GD series casting molding production line can produce smooth, transparent candies of high-quality, of the same size.

Blister Machine

The HUADA Pharma Automatic Blister Packing Machines Built from top quality stainless steel to full GMP standards.

Cartoning Machine

Horizontal Cartoning Machine are capable of reliably loading items with a stable or regular shape within a certain size range into cartons of specific specifications and sealing the cartons for delivery.

Powder & Granule Packaging Machine

Powder Filling Machine is used to package dry powder and granule. We have a variety of models available in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic model, packing form available of bag, pouch and bottle.

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