Raw Processing Machine

Raw Material Processing Equipment is used for the initial processing of powders and granules, including Powder Mixing Machine, Powder Grinder Machine, Oscillating Granulator Machine, Powder Sifter Machine etc.

Raw Processing Machine

Powder Mixing Machine are designed for mixing powder and granulated materials. Dry & Wet Powder Mixing is a very common unit operation in pharmaceutical, food, chemical Industries and etc. We offer V-Type Mixers, 3D Mixers and Horizontal Mixers.

The Granulator is specially designed for the reduction of both wet and dry materials into a granular product to a specific size distribution.

Dry Powder Mixer Blending Machine

RawCN-Mix V dry powder mixer blending machine is suitable for use in the pharmaceuticals, chemical and food industries for mixing powder or granular materials.

Dry Powder Mixer Blending Machine

V Blender Dry Powder Mixer Blending Machine Mixer V50 Pro (with protective fences) is suitable for use in the pharmaceuticals, chemical and food industries for mixing powder or granular materials.

Dry Powder Mixer Blending Machine

RawCN-Mix V Blender dry powder mixer mixer V100 (with universal wheels) is suitable for mixing powdery or granular materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

High Capacity Dry Powder Mixer Blending Machine

The RawCN-Mix D series mixer is widely used in pharmacy, chemical industry, food industry, scientific research, etc.

Vibrating Granulator YK Series

This machine is used mainly in such trades as pharmacy, chemical industry, food, pottery, and plastics extensively, making moist powder material particle. Make cylinder swing reciprocally, extruding material from screen mesh for granulation.

Double Cone Mixer

The double cone mixer is a kind of equipment for mixing dry powder or dry granular materials, which is suitable for pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food, agriculture and other industries.

Dry Granulator Machine

Roller compaction is becoming an increasingly important agglomeration technology for the production of granules, as the pharmaceutical industry looks at ways in which it can introduce lean manufacturing to reduce its R&D and manufacturing costs.

Big Volume Powder Mixer Powder Blender

This machine is mainly used in pharma industry for mixing dry or wet powdered materials.

Powder Sifter Machine

Rotary sieve machine, often called rotary sifting machine, is a new high precision fine powder screening machine. It uses vertical vibration motor as excitation source.

Powder Mixer Ribbon Mixer

Ribbon Blenders consist of a U-shaped horizontal trough, transmission parts and ribbon agitating blades which usually have double or triple layers with outside screw gathering the material from sides to center and inside screw transmitting the material from center to sides to form convection mix and a specially fabricated ribbon agitator.

Cone Mill Machine

Cone Mill are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, and fine chemical processing industries. It is completely made of high quality stainless steel and built strictly conformed to the current cGMP standard.

Superfine Grinder

Superfine grinder WFJ series is equipment which achieve superfine grinding of dry materials through air separation, heavy pressure grinding and shearing.

SF Automatic Continuous Mill Herb Grinder

The SF Series granulators are designed to grind dry, free-flowing materials down to 120 mesh with a very narrow particle size distribution.

CW-Double Cone Mixer

This product is used for mixing powder and fine particles in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agricultural and other industries.

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