Big Volume Powder Mixer Powder Blender

This machine is mainly used in pharma industry for mixing dry or wet powdered materials.

Big Volume CH Type Powder Mixer Powder Blender CH100 - CH500

This machine is mainly used in the pharma industry for mixing dry or wet powdered materials. This machine is also used in chemical and food industries. It does not dissolve materials, volatile or deteriorate when mixing. It is especially suitable for small batch of testing, not entirely suitable for mixing semi solid or sticky materials of mass batch.

  • The machine is fully integrated and flexible.
  • The stainless steel vessel is non- corrosive and allows dense liquids to turn freely and mix thoroughly without fading.
  • The rotation system adopts worm-gear drive with good lubrication oil, which improves shelf life of the machine
  • Materials are poured manually.
  • Operator- friendly.
Rotational Speed24 r/min24 r/min24 r/min24 r/min24 r/min
Pouring Motor Power(KW)0.750.750.751.11.1
Tilting Angle115°115°115°115°115°
Weight (KGS)350410450520580

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