TabCN-Coater600 Pro Tablet Press

The efficient coating machine consists of host machine, slurry spraying system, hot-air cabinet, exhaust cabinet, feed and discharge device, and computer programming control system.

Coating Machine TabCN-Coater600 Pro

Inside the coating machine rolling drum, the bare tablets are made to move along a consecutive and complicated track. In the process of the motion, controlled by the programming control system, a medium is automatically sprayed (or trickled) to a tablet surface according to the selected technological sequence and parameters by a syrup pump and spraying gun (or a drip pipe for sugar coating). At the same time, finely-filtrated clean hot air from the hot air cabinet penetrates the tablet bed and then is exhausted from the bottom of the drum and discharged after being dedusted so that a solid and smooth film or sugar coating can be quickly formed on the tablet.

  • With the PLC control technology adopted, the machine control system is reasonable in design and flexible in programming.
  • Auto/manual mode is available for different coating technology.
  • The system is featured by high anti-interference capacity, little failures, easy maintenance and good expandability.
Max. tablet volume600L
Sugar coating drum dia.Φ1580mm
Feed inlet diameterΦ570mm
Sugar coating drum speed1-12r.p.m
Host machine motor power5.5kw
Exhaust cabinet motor power11kw
Exhaust blower air flow15450m³/h
Hot air cabinet motor power5.5kw
Air heater air flow7419m³/h
Air heater temp.-adj. range~80℃
Hot air cleanness level10level
Syrup pump power consumption0.55kw
Silicon rubber hoseφ9-φ16mm
External dimensions of host machine2000×2277×2660mm
Host machine weight2800kg
External dimensions of hot air cabinet1600×1100×2350mm
Hot air cabinet weight820kg
External dimensions of exhaust cabinet1050×1000×2470mm
Exhaust cabinet weight660kg

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