Essential Oil Capsule Creation: 4 Easy Steps Explained

Essential oil capsules are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. They combine the therapeutic benefits of essential oils with the convenience […]

Essential oil capsules are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. They combine the therapeutic benefits of essential oils with the convenience of capsules. For those who have busy lifestyles, essential oil capsules help them get an easy way of supplement consumption.

In addition, some essential oils have unpleasant tastes. Capsules can cover them and make the experience more pleasant. More importantly, capsules provide a precise way to take essential oils. It ensures that the user gets the correct dosage every time.

In this article, you’ll learn how to make your essential oil capsules. Whether you want them for personal use or to run a small business, you’ll find something valuable.

5 Materials of Making Capsules with Essential Oils

To make essential oil capsules, you will need several specific materials. Each item works together to ensure quality, effectiveness, and safety. Now let’s have a detailed look.

Empty Capsules


As a soluble container, capsules help swallow the essential oils. They also provide the exact dose you need. There are 2 materials for capsule shells to choose from gelatin and vegetarian. Gelatin is the most common type used. It is made from animals. Gelatin capsules are easily digestible and dissolve quickly in the stomach.

Vegetarian capsules are made from plant-based materials. If your customers are mainly vegetarians, they are the best choice.

Essential Oils to Meet Your Demands

essential oils

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts. It offers many excellent properties. Different essential oils have different benefits. For example, peppermint oil helps with digestion, while oregano oil is known for boosting the immune system. You can choose the one that suits your needs.

It's best to choose high-quality and pure essential oils. They ensure the capsules work at their best. Pure oils do not contain extra additives. Some additives may dilute the oils’ effectiveness and cause adverse reactions.

Carrier Oil

carrier oils

Carrier oils are an important part of making essential oil capsules. Because if essential oils are in high concentrations, they may cause strong effects or even be harmful. Carrier oils dilute essential oils to a safe level for consumption. Besides, they help stabilize essential oils, preserve their benefits, and extend their shelf life. Common carrier oils include coconut oil and olive oil.

Dropper or Pipette

Dropper or Pipette

When making capsules with essential oils, you must have a dropper or pipette. This tool measures and transfers small amounts of liquid accurately. This ensures the correct dilution and oil dosage, making the essential oil effective. It also guarantees safety. Because some essential oils are very potent and can irritate the skin or mucous membranes if spilled.

Capsule Filling Machine

dosing disc capsule filler

A capsule filling machine is a device designed to fill empty capsules with substances like liquid or powders. There are many types to choose from. They include manual capsule fillers, semi-automatic and fully automatic models. So they can meet different production needs.

If you want to make a small number of essential oil capsules, manual capsule fillers are a good choice. They are the cheapest but require more manual work. Semi-automatic ones offer a balance between cost and efficiency, suitable for medium-scale production. Fully automatic capsule filling machines are high-capacity machines designed for large-scale production. They handle the entire process from separating capsules to filling and sealing them. They are the most efficient but also the most expensive.

4 Steps of Making Capsules with Essential Oils

The process involves a few detailed steps to ensure they are effective, safe, and consistent. Here are some steps for your reference.


Before manufacturing, it is important to clean and disinfect the workplace thoroughly. You can wipe all surfaces with disinfectant to ensure the workspace is clean. Tools like droppers also need to be disinfected. It ensures no contaminants affect the purity and effectiveness of the essential oils. Also, it helps avoid introducing bacteria into the capsules.

More importantly, you should wear a sterilized apron and disposable gloves. This helps keep oils, dirt, and bacteria off your hands. It prevents them from contaminating the essential oils or capsules.

Mix the Essential Oils with Carrier Oil

You can use a dropper or pipette to measure the amount you need. Then mix accurately according to the ratio to achieve the desired dilution. A common ratio is 1:1. Next, find a container like a bowl to hold the mixture. Stir the mixture well to ensure it is fully combined.

Fill Capsules with the Mixture

If you use a semi-automatic capsule filler, first pour the empty capsules into the hopper. The machine will then place these capsules in a filling tray. You need to separate the capsule caps and bodies by hand. Next, put the mixture into the material storage bucket. You should place the empty capsule bodies under the filling mechanism. It will automatically fill the mixture into the capsules according to the dose you set. After filling, the locking mechanism is used to seal the capsule bodies and tops.

If you use a manual capsule filler, you need to do everything by hand. The processing time is also longer. Be careful not to spill any liquid when transferring and filling.


After filling, remember to check each capsule to make sure it is sealed well. A good-quality capsule will not leak and can protect the contents from air and moisture. Please note that place the capsules in a cool and dark place.

3 Considerations when Making Essential Oil Capsules

Select the Right Capsule Sizes

When you prepare to make essential oil capsules, it is important to calculate the total volume of the oil mixture. Because it helps you choose the right capsule size to ensure each one comfortably holds the content.

The most used capsule sizes include size 00 and size 0. Size 00 capsules are slightly larger, holding about 0.95 milliliters. This is a good choice for higher doses of essential oils. However, because they are larger, some people might find them harder to swallow.

Dose Control

The effectiveness of essential oils is closely linked to the dosage. Fewer dosages may not give the desired results, while more content can increase the risk of allergic reactions, like rashes. Therefore, it's important to choose the right amount to achieve the desired effect.

If you are not sure how to choose the dose, you can check recommendations from authorities. Organizations like the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) and the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) provide valuable resources.

Clear Labels

It is key to label the production date, the type, and the ratio of essential oil mixtures. This is used to track the shelf life and product condition, ensuring safe use within the specified period. For commercial use, you need also to include usage instructions, dosage recommendations, and any relevant safety warnings.

Master Essential Oil Capsules with Huada Pharma's Expert Solution

A high-quality capsule filling machine plays a key role in ensuring the efficiency and safety of products. Huada Pharma offers a wide range of capsule filling machines. It ranges from small-scale semi-automatic models to fully automatic options, suitable for various needs. Our machines are designed for ease of use, precision, and durability. They help that each capsule is filled accurately and consistently.

In addition, we provide comprehensive guide on how to use the equipment. Even beginners can operate it well and get a good capsule filling experience.

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