BliCN-320H Ⅱ Blister Machine

BliCN-320H Ⅱ is equipped with a special feeder for special-shaped pills and endless punching, which greatly improves production efficiency. This high-speed blister machine has high stamping frequency, low energy consumption, accurate and stable movement, convenient mold change, and its punching speed is several times that of traditional blister machines.

BliCN-320H Ⅱ Full Servo High Speed Roller-Plate Blister Machine

BliCN-320H Ⅱ is a full servo blister machine in the continuous drum sealing principle, which is used for pharmaceutical packing, food packing, cosmetic packing, medical device packing, etc., and is applied to various types of products such as pharmaceuticals (tablets, capsules, ampoules), food, cosmetics, etc.

This blister machine has two configurations: Siemens motion controller and Siemens TP900 (9inches), Beckhoff motion controller and Beckhoff CP3915 HMI screen. Customers can choose the appropriate configuration according to the actual situation

This high-speed blister machine is equipped with special feeder for shaped pills and edgeless punching, which greatly improves the production efficiency. This high-speed blister machine also has the characteristics of high punching frequency, low energy consumption, accurate and stable action and easy mold change.


  • Max capacity 900 blisters/min
  • Continuous roller sealing
  • Different feeding methods depend on customer needs
  • Motion controller and HMI screen
  • Eyemark register system
  • 10-station full servo full synchronous operation control
  • Convenient mold change
  • Splice station, convenient material change
  • Stagger blister unstriped waste cutting (save waste material)
  • Design in line with GMP requirements

Product Description:

  • Continuous Roller Sealing. The contact area during heat sealing is small and the heat time is short, making the heat sealing more thorough and further increasing the speed of the whole blister machine
  • Punching station is controlled by servo motor, which synchronizes the blister. And the blister change just needs to shift the position, no need to change the gear. Edgeless punching makes the longitudinal waste edge become 1mm, with no transverse waste edge
  • The oil pump automatically refuels every 10 minutes (also can be set separately) to play a role in lubrication and cooling, protecting the smooth operation of the blister machine and extending the service life of the blister machine.
  • This blister machine is equipped with a packing film splicing platform device, which makes splicing film smooth and easy.
  • Adopting the double-servo structure and lever principle, it realizes compatible production of alu-pl/alu-alu blister packing.
  • Servo-continuous foil eyemark register system adopts servo rollers to pull out the foil independently, using the continuous roller-plate sealing to complete the correction of deflection before the foil is sealed.
  • 10-station full servo fully synchronized operation control, which realizes that all problems about motion control, logic and process control of 10 independent stations are completed by one motion control system.
  • All parts in contact with medicine are made of stainless steel and non-toxic materials and are meeting “GMP” requirements.
  • The production line with EMERGENCY STOP device, electronic counting, batch number, punching, automatic stopping and alarming if the film is used up or broken, etc. And has a smooth process and intuitive production process.
Model BliCN-320H Ⅱ
Max.Output 180-900 blisters/min
Range of Stroke 100-280mm
Max.Forming Area 320x280mm
Max.Forming Depth 12mm
Motor Power 3KW
Power 30.9KW
Power Three-Phase Five-Wire 380V/50Hz


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