Tablet And Capsule Counting Sealing Line

This wide offer comprises highly flexible and high-performance tablet/capsule counting line, specifically designed to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical field.

Tablet And Capsule Counting Sealing Line

  • You can customize the line as your request. The line includes Turntable—Counter—Turntable—Induction Sealer—Collecting Table
  • Our metering and bottling lines are in good use all over the world. We are providing the best comprehensive solutions to meet all your requirements of production lines and well-crafted series machinery. Based on the principles of practicality and high efficiency, it will save costs for you and make your bottle packaging more accurate and beautiful. The equipment has the characteristics of high automation, stability, reliability, simple operation, simple maintenance, and beautiful appearance.
  • It is mainly used for quantitative filling of various non-pharmaceutical medicine bottles, and can also be used for filling various packaging materials such as granules, syrups, and capsules. Our filling lines meet the strict standards of the pharmaceutical industry, comply with GMP requirements, and also comply with US FDA regulations to ensure the quality of the products.
  • You can customize the line as your request. The line includes Turntable—Counter—Turntable—Induction Sealer—Collecting Table
  • Designed to comply with FDA and cGMP regulation

This machine is used to unscramble various plastic bottles of different shapes and specifications in pharmaceutical enterprises. It is a great supporting equipment for plastic bottle production lines.

The working process is to load medicines (capsules/tablets) into the hopper firstly and then start the vibrator. Product was conveyed through the vibrating channels and fall into the sensor chamber after line up. Six sensors (each head) in the sensor chamber execute counting simultaneously. The sixth cylinder gate act forward when every bottle counts up, Cylinder keep forward till the bottle was filled completely.

The working procedure of PBFK-260 Induction sealing machine is as below.

Firstly, the filled bottles go through the no-foil bottle rejection system by the conveyor. If no foil, the system will reject the relative bottle. Then the bottles enter the induction sealing head which makes the aluminum foil generate the heating to seal on the bottle mouth. This machine adopts no-contact induction sealing between the bottle and sealing head which make the bottle mouth seal properly.

Bottle Unscrambler

Model PBL-Z (Bottle-delivering unscrambler/ Bottle-collecting unscrambler)
Scope of application Round bottles, square bottles, flat square bottles and special-shaped bottles of various materials
Production capacity 30~200 bottles per minute
Diameter of bottles 20~80mm
Power supply AC220V/50Hz
Power 0.1kW
Overall dimension (L*W*H) 900*900*1000mm
Machine weight 95kg

Electronic Counting Machine

Model PBDS-8
capacity Max.50 bottles/min
Size of Bottle 15-500ml
Voltage AC220V, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz
Power 600W
Air Consumption 0.8 m³/hour
Air Pressure 0.5 MPa
Overall Dimension(L*W*H) 1600 *1600 * 1600 mm
Weight 450kg (with conveyor)

Sealing Machine

Model PBFK-260
Bottle body dia. Φ20~Φ100 mm
Bottle mouth dia. Φ20mm~Φ50 mm
Bottle height 30mm~200 mm
Capacity (Max.) 150 bottles/min
Max. power 4 KW
Power supply AC 220V ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Air supply 0.1 m³/h
Air pressure 0.4 Mpa
Cooling water Purified water
Environment Temperature -10°C~40°C
Relative humidity ≤ 90%
Dimension (L*W*H) 1600*950*1250 mm
Tablet And Capsule Counting Sealing Line

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