LiqCN-8MB Bottle Filling and Capping Monoblock

High speed vial filling and capping for CRC bottle, HDPE Tamper evident lid, HDPE tamper-evident dropper cap with inverted dropper top, tamper-evident dropper cap with PE inverted dropper tip, aluminum tamper proof, etc.

LiqCN-8MB Bottle Filling and Capping Monoblock

LiqCN-8MB Bottle Filling and Capping Monoblock is design to fill and cap plastic or glass bottles up to 80 cpm. With this Monoblock system, the manufacturing process is simplified by combining the bottle filler and capper into a single space-saving machine. This Monoblock machine is great for products in pharmaceutical and food industries. Each ACCUMOST Monoblock system is specifically constructed to the individual product specifications, space constraints, and production environment to maximize product output. It is an easy to use system with a simple and intuitive touch screen display.

Volumetric piston or peristaltic filling configurations are available to specifically fit your application. The robust capping unit can accommodate threaded caps of a variety of materials, diameters, and heights.

  • 304 Sanitary Stainless Steel frame configured to project specifications
  • Tooling for one bottle and cap
  • 316L Stainless Steel Head Filling with 8 nozzle ports
  • Vibratory sorter bowl for transition of caps for placement on bottle
  • PLC Touch screen with HMI interface for easy setup and monitoring
  • Motorizing system for the movements of various groups
  • 24 positions star-wheel with intermittent movement. The Alternative movement of the star is made by an intermittent mechanical transmission. Bottle presence control in the star. If the presence of the bottle is not noticed the machine stops automatically.
  • Presence control of under-caps/caps/cover-caps on the bottle. If the control has a negative outcome, the machine stops. Alternatively the machine can reject the defective object.
  • All non-metal material will be designed for compatibility with customer’s disinfectants.
  • Hopper or bowl mounting with ergonomic design for single person operation
  • Capable of assigning user rights to a group; user access matrix available
  • HMI CFR 21, Part 11 compliant; Audit Trial is viewable/exportable
  • FAT service included
  • Optional pFMEA, SAT and IOQ available
Model: LiqCN-8MB
Length: 135”
Width: 65”
Height: 70”
Weight: 2,600 lb.
Filling Nozzles: 8
Capping Head: 2
Accuracy: ± 1.5%
Reject Rate: Less than 0.2%
Electrical Requirements: 220V/50Hz (opt. 380V)
Air Requirements: 110 psi.
Range: 0-100mL
Output: up to 80 CPM
Finish: Stainless steel and plastics


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