Linear Weigher

This machine is mainly suitable for weighing all kinds of small granular items in the assembly line.

Linear Weigher

This machine mainly gives weighing feedback during the feeding process to control the feeding speed to approach the target value.The communication of this machine adopts CAN bus mode, and the weighing process of each weighing hopper is carried out independently by the module board, which reduces the occupied time of communication with the main board. It makes the feedback of the weight information and the processing of the vibration amplitude of the line vibration machine faster.

Application:all kinds of small granular

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  • Complete high-precision automatic weighing system
  • Adaptable: Integrates with automatic packaging & processing machinery or operates as a standalone system for semiautomatic applications
  • Accurate: Smart weight algorithm and quality weigh cells for precise product measurement
  • Versatile: Capable of weighing and dispensing a wide variety of product types
  • Quick: Fast flow design for optimal product movement
Single Weighing Range50-3000g50-3000g100-13000g10-2000g10-400g
Accuracy1-3% depending on product size /machine speed.1-3% depending on product size /machine speed.1-3% depending on product size /machine speed.1-3% depending on product size /machine speed.1-3% depending on product size /machine speed.
Max Output20ppm32ppm18ppm50ppm70ppm
Hopper Volume4.5L4.5L15L3L0.5L
Parameters Press No.2020202020
Max Mixing Products12244
Packing Dimension(mm)792(L)*470(W)*1006(H)685(L)*814(W)*971(H)1053(L)*1063(W)*1160(H)805(L)*800(W)*1049(H)684(L)*684(W)*738(H)
Linear Weigher

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