SofCN-180/200/250 Softgel Production Line

SofCN-180H/200H/250H/300H series softgel production line is the essence condensing of decades professional experience on softgel.

Softgel Production Line SofCN-180/200/250

SofCN-180H/200H/250H/300H series softgel production line is the essence condensing of decades professional experience on softgel. During the development process, the designer personally conducted long-term production investigation and research in the softgel production base, combined the characteristics of various types of softgel machines, absorbed rationalization suggestions from operators and verifying by improved experiments, adopted international advanced control technology, elaborate designed and precisely manufactured in the spirit of people-oriented. It is a stable and reliable production line for producing high quality softgel. At the same time, the 3nd Generation softgel encapsulation machine development platform SofCNDP30 was established during the process of development.

SofCN-180H/200H/250H/300H series softgel production line is mass production equipment and suitable for customers with different capacity requirements. The equipment has compact structure, easy operation, simple maintenance, stable performance, high production and low consumption. It is suitable for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, paintball and chemical industry.

SofCN Series Softgel Encapsulation Machine was identified as”Independent Innovative Products of Beijing”

  • Developed from the 3rd Generation Sofgel Encapsulation Machine Development Platform HSRDP3.0.
  • New modular and standardized design: structure simple and stable, the spindle runs more stable.
  • Main machine drive system: No liquid lubricant required.
  • Materials supplying pump system: Specially design for the extracts suspension sticky filling materials, wide range of applicable filling materials.
  • Injection Wedge temperature control: Double PID control to ensure rapid response and precise control of injection wedge temperature.
  • Gelatin film transmission: Full-range autonomous drive into the die roller, no sliding pull, no film deformation and perfect capsules shape.
  • Gelatin film linear conveying, no need to adjust, production stable.
  • Control type: Each system independent control, coordinated accordingly, easy to adjust.
  • Die roller Pressure type: Pneumatic constant voltage, digital display, stable and convenient.
  • Die roller adjustment: Free line aligning design, simplified operation to prevent operator’s error.
  • Injection wedge lifting type: Electric self-locking, safe and reliable.
  • Material supply pump: Free adjust design, easy install, prevent operator’s error, design of all rolling bearings to prolong service life.
  • Material supply pump direction guidance: spherical guide(numerical control machine tool technology).
  • Main machine noise control: Low noise design, no noise increase when highest or lowest speed operation, improve the working conditions.
  • Main machine lubrication: Non-liquid lubrication, all lubricated with grease, no maintenance and oil change required.
  • Gelatin film lubrication:Quantitative Micro-lubrication, visual adjustable, Lubricating oil quantity<4L/24h, almost none oil capsule encapsulation, low production cost and keep working condition clean.
  • Adopts non-oil or micro-oil lubrication, the water of capsule shell easy to evaporate, drying time is greatly shortened.
  • Free solvent cleaning: the soft capsules no need to clean by alcohol or ether, to avoid the damage of solvents to capsules( the printed capsules excepted).
  • Gelatin film control: Precise film thickness adjustment, independent film spreading control, suitable to various gelatin solution and moulds, reaches the max.using rate of gelatin solution.
  • Gelatin film cooling type: Auto-control water cooling, air blow balance, equipped with machine.
  • Capsule fast shape fixing: Special air blow device, reduce the temperature of capsule output area, easy for the capsule shape fixing.
  • Temperature control hopper: PID precise temperature control, auto liquid level control, suitable to various materials’requirements(optional equipped).
  • Humanized design, easy to operate:(a)Die roller and die roller shaft matching design to prevent the damage during the die roller handling.(b)Special Injection wedge installation device, prevent the damage of the injection wedge during the handing and reduce the working strength of the operators.(c)Simplified design for all the maintenance parts, easy and fast for maintenance.
  • Professional industrial aesthetic design makes the whole machine beautiful and generous, concise and clear.
Model SofCN-180H SofCN-200H SofCN-250H SofCN-300H
Die roller Dimension Φ103x180mm Φ103x200mm Φ150x250mm Φ150x300mm
Die roller Pressure 0.1-0.5MPa
Die roller Speed 0-6rpm Stepless Speed Adjust 0-5rpm Stepless Speed Adjustment
Material Feeding Quantity 12X(0-2)mL 12X(0-2)mL 20X(0-1)mL 24X(0-1)mL
Filling Quantity Precision <500mg±2%, >500mg±1% <500mg±2%, >500mg±1%
Power AC380V 50Hz 7kW AC380V 50Hz 9kW AC380V 50Hz 10kW
Weight 1200kg 1250kg 1500kg 1600kg
External Size 1680×750×1800mm 1680×770×1800mm 1880×1000×2000mm 1880×1050×2000mm
Softgel Production Line
Softgel Production Line 3D

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